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You asked the following question: - Can I take classes at both De-Anza and Foothill?

Taking Classes At De-Anza and Foothill

Although De Anza and Foothill are in the same District, they are two different and distinct colleges

Applications must be made at each college separately.  Transcripts are also separate.

State laws regulate repeating classes.  A class may be repeated a maximum of 3 times within the Foothill-De Anza District, no matter which college was attended.  See Repeating a Course for more information.

While you can take classes in both places (as well as other colleges) it is your responsibility to make sure your classes articulate if you are planning on obtaining a degree, getting a certificate or transferring.  Contact Counseling or the Transfer Center for more information.


While some things are shared (such as we honor each other's quarterly parking permits), many other things are quite different.  The information in ASKFoothill pertains only to Foothill College.  When in doubt, check with each campus separately.

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