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You asked the following question: - How do I get my grades?


How do I get my grades?

You can view your grades by logging on to your MyPortal account.  Choose the Registration tab, and then under My Records, choose View My Grades.


When are grades available?

Instructors are supposed to enter the grades within 3 days after the final is given.  The grades that have been entered are processed through the system on the following Sunday.  The grades are then made available the next day, Monday.



Foothill College gives letter grades A (Excellent) through F (Fail).  Grades A, B, and C are considered passing grades. Grades may also be designated plus or minus.

In addition, courses can be taken Pass (P) / No Pass (NP).

If an error has been made, "AD" - Administrative Drop will be noted.  This does not count towards repeatability restrictions.



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