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You asked the following question: - How do I apply as a transfer student?

Applying as a Transfer Student

Transfering in to Foothill College

If you have college credits you think will be transferable to Foothill College, make an appointment with a counselor.  They will be able to look at all your credits to see what will transfer.  Make sure and come prepared with an official transcript.

General Education requirements for AA & AS degrees are available by pressing here.

If you need to clear a prerequisite to take a class, check out this link:

Transfering from Foothill College to a 4 year institution

Besides your counselor, the Transfer Center can help you with selecting a major or preparing to transfer to a four-year college or university, and provides assistance to students in meeting minimum transfer requirements, filling out college applications, writing admission essays, and completing TAGs (Transfer Agreement Guarantees)

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