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You asked the following question: - What is academic advising?

Academic Advising

The mission of the Counseling Division is to help students make appropriate and successful educational decisions, set achievable and realistic goals, adjust to changing roles in a global society and resolve academic, transfer and career concerns that can interfere with the ability to succeed in their college experience.
Our services include:

Academic Counseling

  • Help students explore educational options
  • Provide up to date information on institutional and transfer requirements
  • Help students clarify academic goals
  • Help students develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for graduation
    and/or transfer
  • Review graduation and certificate requirements
  • Address academic and progress probation
  • Provide referral to other support services on campus
  • Offer Counseling 5 classes

**Counseling appointments book up fast! Reserve your spot as early as possible**

Remember, if you can't get in to see a counselor and need to sign up for classes, English/ESL and math classes are a good bet.  Once you've taken your placement tests, you'll know what you can enroll in.

Transfer Counseling
  • Provide a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for transfer
  • Evaluate course work for transfer applicability
  • IGETC and CSU GE certification eligibility
  • Review articulation agreements with UC, CSU, private and out of state colleges and universities
Career Counseling
  • Help you identify skills, interests, values and personality style
  • Help you explore career options and paths
  • Provide up to date information on employment trends
  • Offer career exploration and college success courses
  • Provide career testing
Personal Counseling
  • Offer support and referrals to address personal issues and problems
  • Provide referrals to on-campus and community resources

You must have a current application on file to use the services.  To apply, click here.  However, you do not need a student ID card.

Counselors are available at both the Main Campus (Bldg 8300, room 8305A) and Sunnyvale Center (Room 109).

You can schedule a 30 minute appointment on line at the main campus or the Sunnyvale Center or you can call (650) 949-7423.

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